Founded in 2000, Orient Aviation has gained recognition as one of the finest aviation Pilot training facilities throughout in The Philippines.
Our mission is to deliver high quality flight training that will produce professional and employable airline pilots. Our instruction is rooted in the same practices students will encounter at the airlines, meaning our students are being prepared for an airline position

The Dream of Learning to Fly

Learning to fly can unlock a world of possibilities and give you unparalleled freedom. Some people start flying to make a career out of it, eventually working as a corporate airline pilot. But most fly merely for pleasure. Whether you want to fly for a living or just for fun. Fly Pushpak Aviation offers a safe, rewarding and surprisingly affordable way to get around.
We are providing the Best flight training school in the Philippines. We offer the best value for money pilot courses in Asia. Our students come from all over the India to fulfill a dream of flight.
Fly Pushpak Aviation success is built on a firm understanding of what the aviation industry is looking for and we train our pilots accordingly. Our placement record is strong and we have graduates now working in India’s leading airlines, corporate airplanes, all over the world and flight schools.

Pilot Training in The Philippines

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